Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easy Organizing Step by Step

Organizing an entire house is too much to think about at one time. One a piece of paper, map out the activities and "stuff" you need for those activities. Spend a day getting all the "stuff" in the right room. Forget about what it looks like for now. Choose the function of the room first before concerning yourself about it looking nice.

After you have everything in its general location, take an inventory. See what you have multiples of, what is broken beyond repair, and what you still need storage containers for. I'll guide you through the rest of the system next week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

About photographs

Snapshots of vacation, graduations, or fine art prints probably play an important part in your home decor. But not all photos are "art" and each category needs to be treated in its own way.

Fine art photographs, in black and white or color, should be treated like other pieces of hanging art. Photos usually lend a casual feeling to the room so I use them in less formal areas of the house. In groupings it's best to keep black and white photos separate from color unless the images are linked in theme. Framing and matting should be simple and complement the room's decor.

Black and white formal or professional photo portraits can be gathered into a family gallery. Mounted in large white mats and simple black frames, a collection of photos becomes a dramatic focal point in a family room, hallway, or study.

Smaller casual snapshots I treat like accessories. I group them in similar or matching frames and arrange on shelves or tabletops (if you can't see the back of the frame.)