Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time for Autumn Clothes!



  1. Remove all items from closet. Vacuum shelves and flooring.
  2. Sort items in closet into 4 piles: Keep in this closet, Repairs (mark on calendar to do so within a week), Discard (broken,damaged beyond repair, Giveaway (friends or charity).
    Re-examine the Keep pile:
    How long have I had it?
    Does it still function?
    Is it a duplicate of something I already own?
    When was the last time it was used/worn?
  3. Move more items to Giveaway pile
  4. Keep pile: group like items together. Make sure the piles belong in the closet they came from. Move piles as necessary to other closets.
  5. Make an inventory of what you have: measure how many linear feet of clothing you have, how many pairs of shoes, umbrellas, wrapping paper, etc. Write down measurements and quantities.
  6. Measure closet space and see if your existing layout is adequate for what you intend to store in it. Put items into bins and baskets, hang on hangers, etc. and make sure to vacuum and dust shelves at least twice a month.