Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is here: does your home look like it?

We welcomed spring last Saturday and I still see remnants of last season's outdoor decorations all around town. Are you guilty of not cleaning up and putting away wintertime decor in your home as well?

  • Time to lighten up the interior scape. Put away the woolen blankets and bring out the cotton ones. Cashmere throws are great for all times of the year, but lighter colors seem more appropriate for spring and summer.
  • Wash any slipcovers to freshen them for the upcoming season.
  • Use your vacuum! Vacuum the window coverings at least monthly and while you're at it, vacuum the window too. Less dust accumulation means less washing later on.
  • Keep your home smelling fresh by using only natural cleaning products. You can clean your entire home with baking soda and vinegar. Use up all nasty chemicals and replace cleaning systems with cheaper and healthier alternatives.

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