Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bathroom Organization

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom gets more regular use than any other room in the house. There is a lot of potential for disorganization and clutter. Because it's usually a small room, it's easier to declutter and organize than other rooms.

1. Start with the medicine cabinet. Flush away all expired prescription medications and any over the counter medicines more than 2 years old.
2. Organize your products by category into plastic (easy to wash) or wicker (attractive if out on display) bins:
  • makeup
  • hair care
  • bathing supplies
  • nail care
  • dental care
  • skin care
  • first aid
  • meds-cold, tummy, allergy

3. Keep all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and paper towels under the sink. Take just a few seconds to wipe down the sink and mirror before you leave for the day.

4. Remove all "reading material" from the bathroom. That's just plain old gross.

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